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A Living Trust Helps You Protect Yourself

A Living Trust Protects You

Are you concerned about how you would be taken care of should something happen to you?  Who would make the decisions?  How would they access your assets to provide for you?  A properly funded living trust can provide answers, direction, and access to these questions.  In the absence of a living trust, you would likely need an expensive, slow moving, and very public conservatorship to manage your care.  Conservatorships costs thousands of dollars to start and require accountings and court oversight of your affairs.   Not only is this expensive and very public, it also is extremely burdensome on our loved ones and caregivers. 

A typical conservatorship would require the following:

  • Filing a conservatorship petition with the California probate court
  • Obtaining an evaluation showing incompetency from a doctor
  • Dealing with the appointed legal counsel for the incapacitated person
  • Finding and assembling assets
  • Filing an Inventory with the Court
  • Keeping track of all income and expenses
  • Filing annual accountings
  • Attending Court hearings

You can avoid this process by taking the time today to properly plan and protect yourself through providing clear direction on who you want to make decisions and how you want to be taken care of.   Attorney Andrew Gilliland has over twenty years of experience that will help you protect yourself by providing the following services:

  • Living Trusts
  • Medical Directives
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Wills
  • Living Trust Funding 

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