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You Can Protect Your Family

Whether its through creating an estate plan, enforcing an estate plan, navigating through probate, keeping a loved one in the United States, bringing a loved on to the United States, or resolving your divorce or probate dispute, Gilliland Law, APC focuses on protecting your family.   Attorney Andrew Gilliland has over twenty years of experience that will help you protect your family.   Gilliland Law, APC focuses on those areas involving families including the following:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate & Probate Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Mediation
  • Divorce

Avoiding Probate Protects Your Family

A properly drafted estate plan helps to avoid probate.  Whether you're planning the parameters of your future medical care or establishing support for loved ones upon your death, Gilliland Law, APC can help with all aspects of your estate plan, including:

  • Advance directives (living wills)
  • Estate tax issues
  • Choosing the appropriate executor
  • Living trusts
  • Wills drafting
  • Power of Attorney

Estate planning documents are extremely flexible and can be designed to fit your unique needs. I work closely with you to determine your goals and create precise instruments to carry out your intentions.

Properly Drafted Wills Protects Your Family

Gilliland Law, APC  provides a full range of services for wills: drafting, review, amendment, revocation, execution and probate. I provide reliable guidance for testators and executors. My experience in the probate court, resolving issues related to the validity of wills, enables me to provide practical advice for testators from all walks of life. Similarly, my work in the formation of wills gives us keen insight into how executors should interpret various aspects of a will that may initially seem unclear. Whether you are a testator formulating an estate plan or an executor implementing a decedent's wishes, Andrew W. Gilliland Attorney-at-Law can simplify many complex aspects of the tasks before you. I offer pertinent and personal legal advice to obtain the results you need in a timely manner with the least stress possible.

An Experienced Probate Attorney Can Help Protect Your Family

Probate is a long process that is very detailed oriented. It can be confusing and stressful.  One wrong step can costs months and additional court appearances.  Gilliland Law, APC takes over the process for you.  Gilliland Law, APC will guide and direct you through each step of the way to relieve you of the burden.  Not only does Attorney Andrew Gilliland have court experience, he has also lectured at seminars and written many articles on the subject of probate.  Attorney Andrew Gilliland is also the Chair of the Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law Section of the Riverside County Bar Association.  

California Immigration Lawyer Advocates to Bring and Keep Your Family Together

Before applying for a visa or attempting to resolve an immigration issue, it's in your best interests to consult with a skilled attorney. At Gilliland Law, APC in Carlsbad, I have represented clients in a variety of visa, green card, and difficult immigration matters. I have helped clients in California and abroad with all types of family-based immigration cases. Whether you need assistance obtaining a temporary visa or building a solid removal defense, I can help you navigate the U.S. legal system with confidence.

Mediation Can Protect Your Family

When there is a dispute, mediation can help resolve that dispute without the necessity of the court process.  Whether its a divorce, estate, and probate dispute.  Attorney Andrew Gilliland is a trained and experienced mediator.  Let him work with you to resolve your divorce, probate, or estate dispute.  

Divorce Help When You Need It

When it is over, you need someone on your side to advocate for you and  shoulder the burden of understanding the divorce process.  Attorney Andrew Gilliland will be in your corner to protect your rights and get you through the divorce process.    

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For comprehensive estate planning, probate, estate litigation, probate litigation, immigration, and mediation services in Sand Diego and Riverside County, call Gilliland Law, APC at 760-918-5630 or contact my office online to schedule a consultation.

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Gilliland Law, APC helps protect your family through proper preparation and resolving disputes through mediation or litigation.

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