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Do you really need a trust?

Although many people equate “estate planning” with having a will, there are many advantages to having a trust rather than a will as the centerpiece of your estate plan. While there are other estate planning tools (such as joint tenancy, transfer on death, beneficiary designations, to name a few), only a trust provides comprehensive management Read More

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5 Reasons to Protect Your Retirement Accounts Now

During your lifetime, your retirement account has asset protection, but as soon as you pass that account to a loved one, that protection evaporates. This means one lawsuit and POOF! Your life long, hard earned savings could be gone. Fortunately, there is an answer.  A special trust called a “Standalone Retirement Trust” (SRT) can protect Read More

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How Your Divorce Affects Estate Plans

After all the turmoil of a divorce, the last thing you probably want to hear, is a recommendation to schedule yet more meetings with an attorney. But because you have just gone through a major life change, it is essential that you meet with an estate planning attorney. Here are some of the reasons why. Read More

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Can my Trust be Updated?

If your trust is a revocable trust, as most are, you have the power to update it whenever you’d like (so long as you have the mental capacity to do so). Updates which add to, or replace, parts of an existing trust are called “amendments.” If the entire trust is updated, it’s called a “restatement.” Read More

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Special Approaches to Estate Planning for Blended Families

You’re probably already well aware that blended families have outpaced the traditional nuclear family by quite a margin. Many estate planning strategies have been developed to help blended families. Catering estate planning strategies to meet the needs of blended families Being a spouse in a blended family is very common. Even if you aren’t in Read More

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3 Things You Must Do Once Your Divorce Is Final

The divorce process can be long and expensive.  However, the work does not end once the divorce decree is signed. In order to ensure that your assets and estate planning wishes are carried out in light of this major life change, there are three things you must do as soon as possible. Change Beneficiary Designation Read More

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How Can I Prevent My Children from Fighting Over My Belongings After I Die?

You probably own some items of financial or sentimental value (jewelry, antiques, art, heirlooms, furniture, clothing, etc.) that you want a certain child, grandchild, special friend, relative, or organization to have after you die.  Or maybe you just want to provide for some orderly way for your belongings to be divided among your heirs after Read More

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Avoiding Probate: A Critical Message That You Really Need to Hear Now

You’ve worked ridiculously hard to achieve your dreams and plan sensibly for the future. Furthermore, you’re almost certainly overwhelmed by the various inputs coming into your world. We’re all busier than ever, facing interruptions from social media, from our work, from family obligations and beyond. While it’s perfectly fine to spend some time just reacting Read More

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Five Reasons to Amend/Update Your Estate Plan?

One of the powers typically stated in a Revocable Living Trust is the power to amend your Trust as long as you have the legal capacity to do so.  Other Estate Plan documents such as a Power of Attorney, Medical Directive, and Beneficiary Designations can also be amended at any time as long as you Read More

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Your Guide to Better Incapacity Protection in Your Estate Plan

There’s no one-size-fits-all estate plan, but any robust one will protect your privacy, free you from court interference, help you protect and manage your assets, save you money on taxes, and enable you to name the people you trust the most to act on your behalf. While plenty of estate planning deals with the distribution Read More

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